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Letra For You - Viennie V

Artista: Viennie V
Canción: For You
Duración: 03:36
Publicado: 27 de diciembre del 2011
Reproducciones: 752,600

Viennie V - For You

Letra de la cancion "For You" de Viennie V

I’m aiming with my loaded gun
I’m searching for the perfect one
I’m finding me a love that’s right
before the night is over.

I’m chasing down a pure heart
I’m calling out to where you are
I’m sending out a single flare
I feel you getting closer … closer.

I would move the world for you
If you ever asked me to
Circle ’round the sun and moon
I would move the world for you, for you.
For you, for you, for you.

Boys they tell there silly lies
And girls they get so teary eyed
I swear I’d thought of giving up
the dream of love forever.

Sayonara to the cheats and fakes
Cause tonight I’m gonna raise the stakes
I’m wishing on a falling star
to draw our hearts together … together.

[CHORUS 1: X2]
For you.
Hmmm, yeah.

Its like I’ve got a second wind that’s kicking in
I’m braver than I’ve ever been
If what I feel is finally real
then I know


I would move the world for you
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
Race across the midnight blue
I would move the world for you


For you.
For you.

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