Video y letra de “License” – Jesse McCartney

Ahora te traemos el video y la letra de la cancion “License” de Jesse McCartney

Letra de la cancion “License” de Jesse McCartney

Got my hands up feeling right, out of sight, out of mind
No more we can say but rise by her love up
But she’s closer i can feel those eyes, shown up right on time

She knows that i’m hypnotized by her love up
Here she comes and she knows that she’s so real, that she’s so real
She says hey, lets me in, now i’m losing, yeah i’m losing

And now she’s reaching for the gun and loading up the bullets
Got my heart in her sights and claims i’m shooting do it
Won’t survive this time but i can’t escape the thrill, the thrill
It’s like i’ve given her the license, to kill

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